The Redline Mixer 306 qt (290 l) is used in advanced production to knead all types of dough and baking mixtures. Finished dough cpacity of 440 lb.

Model: XeRRB440

The XeRRB440 Redline spiral mixer with removable bowl offer advanced production to meet the needs of expert users. Produces outstanding results for bread dough thanks to an excellent refining process and oxygenation. These spiral mixers can knead all types of yeast dough and baking mixtures (for mixtures with less than 50% humidity see technical adviser).

Spiral activation motor has been widely regulated, with a greater power supply, and can function under the most demanding situations. Bowl rotation is guaranteed by friction wheels driven by an independent transmission motor allowing for inverse rotation as needed. May be opened and closed for bowl removal with hydraulic system using large-sized piston and independent station. During kneading procedure, it is blocked by a high-powered, reliable electromagnetic system.

- Stainless steel bowl, spiral dough hook, and shaft
- Separate bowl and agitator motors
- Has two speeds and reverse function
- Control board has separate timers for 1st and 2nd speed
- Mixer is equipped with built in castors and leveling feet for easy positioning and set-up
- Safety switches protect operator from injury if bowl lid is open.
- Powerful belt drive provides low vibration, low noise, and economical maintenance for years of reliable service
- External watertight electrical box

Spiral hp: 19.2 hp

Bowl hp: 1 hp

Head tilt hp: 1 hp

Lifter hp: N/A

Electrical: 220/60/3

Weight: 2,235 lb (1015 kg)

Dimensions (open): 50 x 84.6 x 75 in (1272 x 2125 x 1883 mm)

Capacity: 440 lb (200 kg)

Accessories are available at this time.