The Xebeco 550 qt horizontal mixer is a powerful machine, ideally suited to the production of biscuits, cakes, and crackers.

Model: XeZM550

The XeZM550 horizontal mixer is constructed entirely in thick stainless steel AISI 304, and designed to facilitate easy cleaning. The arm mixer design reflects years of industry experience and is made in one-cast AISI 304 polished stainless steel. It is mounted on 4 sized bearing balls and driven by a powerful engine interposed by a gear reducer in oil bath. The bowl, built in AISI 304, features a cavity on the entire surface; a prerequisite for obtaining desired dough temperature uniformly. Bowl can rotate to 105° thanks to a hydraulic system allowing easy, convenient emptying.

Ultra-reliable electrical board includes control panel, buttons and warning lights cycle, low and high-speed timer to control work timing, and a meter to check proper absorption of engine power.

Bowl hp: 2 hp

Hp 1st/2nd: 30 hp - 44 hp

Electrical: 380/60/3

Weight: 11,728 lb (5320 kg)

Dimensions: 93.5 x 83.9 x 90.5 in (2375 x 2163 x 2300 mm)

Capacity: 550 qt

Accessories are available at this time.

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