The XeTLs880 is a high performance single spiral mixer suitable for use in elevated production lines.

Model: XeTLs880

The XeTLs880 is part of Xebeco's heavy-duty line of single spiral mixers (with removable bowl). These high performance machines use leading edge technology geared specifically for the needs of elevated production lines. Ideal for preparing bread dough, they are able to execute 4 to 5 mixtures per hour.

The machine enables a significant increase in the development process which results in excellent refining and oxygenation of dough. Can work on all types of leavened dough and baking dough (for dough with less than 45% humidity level, consult with our technical department).

The motor powering the spirals can vary from 25 to 50 kw according to dough type and assures an ample power reserve.

- Designed for 24 hour, 7 days a week, high production situations

- Stainless steel bowl, spiral dough hook, and shaft

- Separate bowl, head and agitator motors

- Has two speeds and reverse function

- Control board has separate timers for 1st and 2nd speed

- Mixer is equipped with built in castors and leveling feet for easy positioning and set-up

- Safety switches protect operator from injury if bowl lid is opened or closed while operator is in the area

- Powerful belt drive provides low vibration, low noise, and economical maintenance for years of reliable service

- External watertight electrical box

HP 1st/2nd speed: 34,85/50,00

Bowl hp: 4.00 hp

Head tilt hp: 2.05 hp

Lifter hp: N/A

Electrical: 380/60/3

Weight: 5,842 lb (2,650 kg)

Dimensions: 60.4 x 94.4 x 102.3 in (1535 x 2400 x 2600 mm)

Capacity: 881 lb (400 kg)

- Extra dolly with bowl