Titan Heavy-duty slicers

The Xebeco Titan 13" manual, heavy-duty slicer allows you to slice a lot of product at once, and provides precise repeatable slicing without constant supervision.

Model: XeT100M

The XeT100M is designed for medium to heavy-duty use, ideal for delis, schools or hospitals and slices cheese with ease. The uniquely rounded no edges design along with the increased blade disassembles for easy and thorough cleaning.  Our Inner blade cover ensures precise repeatable slicing without constant supervision. Safety is assured with our zero blade exposure due to a permanent blade rim guard, a safety hand guard mounted to the carriage and a carriage lockout to prevent exposed blade edge.

- One-piece sanitary polished and anodized aluminum construction
- Widest cutting capacity in a compact footprint
- Low-profile, ergonomic design with an extremely smooth carriage motion
- ½ Hp heavy-duty motor for continuous service and higher torque for cheese slicing
- Stainless steel controls, dustproof and waterproof rating
- Dual stage cam system allows precise, thin and thick slicing- Complete stainless steel drive shaft assembly
- Built-in sharpener for perfect results and safety - unlike remote devices
- Waterproof from above

- Increased gap between blade and machine body
- One-piece carriage with seamless, see-through hand guard
- Improved blade guard removal system
- Zero blade exposure to prevent injuries when cleaning
- Tilt-carriage with zero blade exposure
- Permanent blade rim guard covering the non-slicing portion of the blade edge
- Lift lever to easily and safely clean under the slicer
- Overload protection
- No volt release

Electrical: 120V, 60Hz, 3.4 Amp (220V, 50 Hz available upon request.)

Accessories are available at this time.

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