The Xebeco XeMG32 Meat Grinder is built to deliver years of trouble-free performance efficiently.

Model: XeMG32

The XeMG32 is attractive and sturdy, this grinder features stainless steel construction, 4 Hp three-phase motors, oil-bath, and water-protected gear box. Grinding set is quickly disassembled for faster, more convenient cleaning and sanitation. Choose from two sizes and a wide color palette to accommodate the needs of diverse applications.

- Powerful 4 HP, 3 phase motor
- Oil-bath, water protected gear box
- Designed for high performance
- Machine works perfectly even if product is processed 2 or more times
- Tempered steel worm pin
- Grinding set is quickly disassembled for faster cleaning and sanitation
- Square feeding “neck” allows for faster processing cycles
- Large feeding hopper with safety microswitch

Electrical: 208/240V/60Hz/3Ph
Power: 1Hp (.75kW)
AMPS: 13.0-14.0

Standard Accessories:

• AISI 304 Stainless steel construction
• Stainless steel self-sharpening knife and plate system
• Product pusher
• Worm and plate removing tool

Optional Accessories:

• Stainless steel splash gaurd
• Wide selection of plates