The XeEZ120 ia an enclosed 120 liter (109 qt) industrial planetary mixer. (Available in stainless steel.)

Model: XeEZ120

The XeEZ120 heavy-duty planetary mixer comes in stainless steel AISI 304 for guaranteed hygiene. Sturdy, reliable construction encases all mechanical elements used for the movement of the tools. Mixture group is composed of two interchangeable tools according to recipe, in addition to scraper. Ratio of planetary motion between whisks and scraper is 1:4. Parts in an oil bath for transmission of the planetary motion are concentrated in the reduction gear, housed in the bell. The bell, built in steel AISI 304, is equipped at the base with a special alimentary silicone gasket.

SPIRAL — Using a practical bayonet connection, tools can be quickly interchanged with very short stop times. Thanks to the powerful spirals, dough consistency is achieved quickly and effectively.

WHISKS AND SCRAPER — Thin wired whisk for leavened and creamy dough. Due to their construction form, product reacts very well in short time. Scraper ensures a perfect homogeneity in the dough, an essential requisite for quality production.

BLADE AND SCRAPER — Blade and scraper for fats and sugars quickly mix the dough’s first phase, for some products they are satisfactory for the entire mixing time.

PNEUMATIC SYSTEM — Enables bowl pressure to obtain a natural mixture amalgam of air particles in dough, meaning less yeast is required for cooking. Operating pressure 0.8 bar. If desired, operator can work under negative pressure by mounting specific equipment.

ACCESSORIES — Bowl with hollow space, 2 wheels and 1 swivel wheel. Allows great flexibility both in heating and cooling dough inside. Excellent for difficult products.

AUTOMATIC LOADING — Essential for fast loading of liquid and flour without stopping machine. Enable operator to add ingredients during mixing, thereby increasing production. Can be connected to silos for automatic loading.

ELECTRICAL BOARD — Electric board installed on machine with IP55 degree of protection is equipped with inverter for speed regulation. On demand it can be equipped with touch-screen for storing previously tested recipes. Can be added as an interface for the automatic loading of ingredients. All components are from premier suppliers.

- Mixing is done under .8 bar of pressure to speed up mixing time

- Pressure release blows any particles away from freshly mixed product

- Simple to use digital controls with optional PLC control

- Two connections on the back of the mixer allow flour and water to be added remotely if desired

- Available in full stainless steel construction

- While bowl is raising the tool will begin spinning before fully sealed which prevents crushing of product and allows the products to be mixed more throughly

HP: 10 hp

Electrical: 380/60/3

Weight: 2,359 lb (1070 kg)

Dimensions width x depth x height: 63 x 35.4 x 108 in (1600 x 900 x 2748 mm)

Dough Capacity: 143 lb (65 kg)

• Stainless steel bowl
• 2 tools included (at customers specification)

• Extra bowl
• Bowl scraper (recommended)
• Bowl drain
• High pressure water cleaning system
• Double walled bowl for water or oil
• PLC touchscreen control
• Wire whip
• Batter beater
• Dough hook
• HD wire whip
• Bowl lifter