Our Xebeco stone hearth round pizza dome ovens are available in five different sizes.

Model: XEDOME - Round Series

The XEDOME is made of whole refractory bricks, furnace baked, with high alumina content, immersed in refractory cement casting. Resistant to 1200°C. High alumina content increases heat retention. Ovens turned off in the evening are still warm the next day.


Bricks have sufficient resistance to double oven lifespan.

- Handmade firebrick pizza oven
- Round internal cooking chamber
- Insulated and ready to be connected to smoke stack
- Gas burner guarantees identical results to those of a traditional wood burning oven


Type: Gas

Internal Dimensions:

391/2 in (100cm) fits (6) 12 in pizzas

471⁄4 in (120cm) fits (8) 12 in pizzas

511⁄4 in (130cm) fits (9) 12 in pizzas

551⁄8 in (140cm) fits (11) 12 in pizzas

591⁄8 in (150cm) fits (13) 12 in pizzas

STANDARD (Included):
- Iron stand
- Iron door
- Thermometer
- Stack exhaust internal diameter 7.87 in (20 cm)

Other Options
  • Black painted body
  • Silver painted body
  • Customizable Exterior