The XePBLs100 tilting-bowl lifter fits the Xe100 planetary mixers.

Model: XePBLs100

The XePBL100 tilting-bowl lifter fits the Xe100 planetary mixer and is essential when product cannot be dispensed by other means (such as pumps, etc.).  The XePBL100 hydraulic lifter has a trolley mounted on a heavy-duty stainless steel column.  A reduction gearing system enables manual tilting so that product may be fully or partially dispensed according to the user's individual needs.

 The standard model XePBL100 has a three-phase control unit and maximum discharge height of 57 inches (1450 mm).

The custom-designed XePBL100 is built to user-specified height.

Optional hard wiring and 12-volt battery power supply are also available.

- Variable emptying height of 57 inches or below.

HP: 2 hp

Electrical: 220/60/3

Weight: 450-550 lb (200-250 kg)

Discharge Height  (maximum): 57 in (1450 mm)

Dimensions Closed: 88 in (2240 mm)

Clearance Height: 90.2 in (2300 mm)

Max Lifting: N/A

Accessories are available at this time.