The XeIDROs Idromix allows for the best possible hydration between flour and water during the first phase of mixing.

Model: XeIDROs

Our  XeIDROs pre-mixes flour and water, saves time, increases production, and saves flour cost. Easily integrates into your existing production line by using your existing flour feeding system. Allows user to double production, increase water and decrease flour percentages by around 5%, which all equals savings for the end user.

- Mixes water and flour at the same particle size which allows for greater water absorption.

- With greater water absorption you become able to mix your recipe with more water and less flour while maintaining your dough consistency.

- This saves you money by allowing you to use more water and less flour without changing your product.

- Because dough comes out of the Idromix pre-mixed, it only requires 3-5 minutes of mixing in 2nd speed to finish the dough.

- This means your dough production can increase by double if not more.

- All this adds up to save the user money and time while increasing output.

HP: 1hp

Electrical: 208-220


Width: 90.5 in (2297 mm)

Depth: 86.6 in (2200 mm)

Height: 78.6 in (1996 mm)

Accessories are available at this time.

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