Our Xebeco 500 hopper height can be customized to meet the needs of our customers for single or multiple ejection positions. 122.0-24.2 lb (10-11 kg) dough piece size can be adjusted per minute.

Model: XeHOP500

The XeHOP500 hopper is indispensable when it comes to correctly feeding production lines for bread and other baked products. Installed over the divider they feed all of the dough contained in their hoppers, for optimum results. Feeding hoppers can be mounted on translating systems for feeding more lines or to provide a free position for cleaning. Consists of stainless steel hopper and a system of triangular lobes to turn supply dough portions. Portions variable by weight, length of the lobes used, and type of dough. Tubular steel frame supports unit at desired height. Electrical equipment provided, two depth sensors allow automatic feeding of divider below.

- Stainless steel feeding hopper

- All contact parts made of stainless steel or polyethylene

- Internal components easy to disassemble for cleaning

- Customizable to meet customers needs for single or multiple ejection positions

- Programmable controls with built in sensors to work automatically

Type: Electric

HP: 2 hp

Weight: 749.6 lb (340 kg)

Dimensions: Custom depending on stand

Piece Dimensions: 7.5 x1 9.6 in (200 x 500 mm)

Piece Weight: 22.0-24.2 lb (10-11 kg)

Hopper Capacity: 300 kg

- Teflon coating available for hopper

- Oil spray system available for hopper

- Lubrication system for the dividing system

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