Hygrometry Proofer Series

Our Xebeco hygrometry proofer is available in 18 x 26 or 26 x18 in with left or right hinges.

Model: XeEECO - Proofer

The XeEECO proof is in our design which allows you to control and maintain a consistent temperature and humidity for warm baked and cooked food.

- Easy to use: simply set your temperature

- Proofer has dedicated water line meaning you don’t have to remember to put water in

- Simply adjust valve on back for more or less humidity and you are good to go

- Proofer is able to accomodate two 18x26” pans per level

Type: Electric

Power: 240/60/3

Weight: 185 lb

18 x 26 in
Width: 33.07 in
Depth: 41.73 in
Height: 35.82 in

26 x 18 in
Width: 40.94 in  (with extended frame)
Depth: 41.73 in
Height: 35.82 in

Accessories are available at this time.