Model: Feeding Hopper Mix

The Feeding Hopper Mix is essentially identical in design and functionality to the AMS Direct Line. The lifter’s unloading height of 102.36 inches (2.6 m) allows it to load dough into a raised feeding hopper which measures and dispenses a quantity of dough into the hopper of a volumetric divider located beneath.  The system deposits a user-determined number of dough pieces weighing between 17.6 and 26.5 lb (8-12 kg) into the hopper.  A sensor located on the edge of the divider hopper determines when the dough is depleted, and a second sensor determines when the dough waiting on the lifter should be raised and unloaded. The system can accommodate mixers which hold up to 661.38 lb (300 kg) of dough as well as double-spiral mixers which can hold 727.52 lb (330 kg) of dough and can mix up to 5511.55 lb (2500 kg) per hour.

Controlled and run by a touchscreen PLC

Constant, uniform production

Financial savings, reduced labor, and fewer user errors

Dimensions: Item is custom built to customer needs. (Contact factory for available options.)

Accessories are available at this time.